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A Table Cover is used to cover a table. Some are mainly ornamental coverings, which may also help protect the table from scratches and stains. Other table covers are designed to be spread on a dining table before laying out tableware and food.

Table covers are a friendly home decoration product for your daily life. Not only does it protect your desk, but the elegant color scheme creates a wonderful, high-quality lifestyle for your dinner party. Whether indoors or out, the simple and clean table covers adds a touch of elegance to the piece.

Widely used in Multiple Scenes like Kitchen Room, Dining Room, Living Room, Patio etc.

Why you should have these Premium Table Cover: -

1.No Staining: Coffee, soup or oil, wine, none of these you may want it to appear in your desk. If it has happened and you cannot get rid of it, cover it with a good-looking table cloth. At least it can get it out of your sight and mind for a while.

2.Heavy Weight Cotton Linen Fabric: This geometric pattern table cover is made of premium heavy cotton linen.

3.Super Soft Pure Cotton: The ultra-soft material is avoiding to make the table cover wrinkle resistant, scratch proof, dust-proof and stain resistant, the natural skin-friendly material than other.

Features: comfortable, soft, wrinkle-resistant, breathable, anti-bacterial, anti-static, anti-fouling, not easy to fade.

Usage: indoor, suitable for kitchen, dining room, family room, decorative cloth, casual or formal table, coffee table, desk storage table, to a dust cloth, etc. Courtyard, garden, roof, balcony, picnic etc.


Table Cover that are made of cotton should be able to hold up to a pre-soak and gentle wash cycle.

If the table cover is sturdy enough, you can machine wash it on the gentle cycle using hot water, a good detergent, and a little more Clorox2. After the pre-soak (instead of rinsing it by hand), just add it to the machine. Be sure to select the gentle cycle.

There are many ways to keep your table cloth clean, but one of the best ways is to wash this table cloth alone with hot or cold water and with a dryer cycle.

How to wash table covers:

1.Select the Washer Cycle and Water Temperature: Table covers should be washed using the permanent-press cycle. This cycle has a cool-down feature that helps reduce wrinkling. You can clean most table covers in cold or warm water.

2.Pretreat Stains and Wash: Ensure all stains have been pre-treated with a spot cleaner before loading the table linens in the washing machine. You can use your regular laundry detergent. Adding fabric softener to the final rinse will provide a protective coating to fibers that will help prevent spilled liquids and foods from penetrating the fabric quickly.

3.Dry Your Table Covers: When removing the table cover from the washer, give it a good shake to help release wrinkles. Always check to see that all stains have been removed. If they remain, treat them again, and rewash the cloth before drying. The high heat of the dryer will make stain removal more difficult.

How to wash a tablecloth by hand:

1.Pretreat stains using a stain remover, white vinegar, or a mixture of salt and lemon juice.

2.Fill your bathtub with cold water.

3.Pour a ½ cup of mild detergent into the cold water.

4.Soak your tablecloth in the soapy tub.

5.Drain the tub and gently rinse.

6.Hang your tablecloth up to air dry.

Please wash before using the tablecloth, Machine wash cold, but we recommend hand washing, can be dried or flattened in desiccant to dry naturally, not suitable for prolonged soaking, Iron at low temperature (not more than 110°C).

If your table cover is starting to yellow or fade, add some oxygen bleach to the wash cycle to brighten the colors and remove the dingy look.  Remember to avoid fabric softeners in the rinse cycle as they can affect the coloring of the table cloth.


1.Use Tablecloth Weights: Amongst the simplest and cheapest of the remedies, this is limited only by your imagination. What do you have to hand in the way of large vases, bowls or ornaments that would look good as a center piece.

2.Use a Non-slip table protector: By far the best all-round solution is to use a table protector. This product not only ensures that the tablecloth stays firmly in place, it provides excellent protection from spills and heat. They are available in a range of shapes and sizes, and although they are not as cheap as some of the other ideas they do offer an effective solution – along with other benefits.

3.Tie the corners of the tablecloth: Once again, this method should not prove to be too costly. A small length of good quality ribbon or cord tied neatly at the corners should keep the cloth in place and could well add a special touch. The issue with this is that you won’t be able to tie it too tight without it looking odd, meaning that there may be a small amount of ‘play’. If your table is highly polished it could mean that your cloth will possibly still slide a little.

4. Use Double-sided tape: Some people have found that a good double-sided tape, such as that used to keep rugs in place, can be very effective.

5.Use Table Clips: Available in a range of styles and materials, these are another cheap solution. However, the less you spend, the less attractive they tend to be. These can look quite appealing, but thought needs to be given to the spacing as some examples do extend quite low, leading to the danger of them catching on diners’ legs.

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